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Long Haired Dictionary

ABV 6.1
IBU 25
Style Belgian Honey Blonde
Source San Antonio, TX
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Product Description

STYLE: Honey Brown Ale

ABV: 5.6% IBU´╗┐: 25

DESCRIPTION: A lightly hopped malty brown ale with notes of caramel and hazelnuts. Brewed with unfiltered honey from Good Flow in Austin. 

TITLE: Classified

INGREDIENTS: 2 Row, Carabrown, Brumalt, Caramel and Chocolate Malts; Honey; Willamette Hops; Ale Yeast. 

Please note that these cans are hand-filled and made to order. Hand filled cans must be kept cool and consumed fresh. Do not store for long periods, especially in warm locations. Heat will ruin the flavor of fresh beer.