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Bronze Bruce

ABV 4.8
Style Dark Lager
Source San Antonio, TX
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Product Description

STYLE: Munich Dunkel

ABV: 5.3%

DESCRIPTION: A smooth, rich, bronze colored lager with malty notes of bread, nuts and a bit of chocolate. 

TITLE: Bronze Bruce is the nickname for the Special Forces Memorial Statue located at the U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s Memorial Plaza at Ft Bragg, North Carolina. The Green Beret soldier in the statue carries a M16 rifle, a tool of his profession, in his right hand. His finger is not placed on the trigger of his weapon, but is "at the ready" in preparation for any threat. His stance upon a rocky ledge with one foot crushing the snake is symbolic of tyranny in the world and the threats and dangers that will instantly bring him to action. While possessing power and extraordinary capabilities, he offers a gentle hand of friendship to the unseen oppressed of the world. 

Inside the base of the statue is a time capsule containing an SF uniform, a green beret, a bust of John F. Kennedy, and Kennedy’s speech presenting the green beret to Special Forces Soldiers.

INGREDIENTS: Dark Munich, Munich, and Pils Malt; Mt Hood Hops; German Lager Yeast