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Longtab Brewing Co

4700 Timco W , Suite 105, San Antonio, TX, 78238
(210) 947-4766

About Us

Longtab Brewing Company is a veteran-owned brewpub and coffee bar which honors the history, culture, and veterans of US Army Special Forces, or “Green Berets”. Each Longtab beer is named after unique aspects of Special Forces history and Green Beret folklore.

The focus of Longtab is to offer American-made versions of classic beer styles. All beers are brewed in San Antonio, Texas by SF Veterans and made with 100% American grown grains, hops, yeast, and of course good ol' Texas water!

Currently we can ship to AK, AL, CA, CO, DC, FL, ID, KY, NM, NV, NY, PA, TX. If your state isn't listed, we cannot ship there.